LL Cool J
LL Cool J
Genres: RAP/R&B
Aliases: Ladies Love Cool James, Mr.Smith, Luscious Lips Cool J, Uncle L


Updated: 04-19-2014

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Going Back To Cali Ringtone BUY
I Need Love Ringtone BUY
Doin' It Ringtone BUY
Around The Way Girl Ringtone BUY
Hey Lover Ringtone BUY
Mama Said Knock You Out Ringtone BUY
Baby (Chorus) Ringtone BUY
Hush Ringtone BUY
I'm Bad Ringtone BUY
Baby (LL Cool J Verse) Ringtone BUY
Control Myself (J-Lo Chorus) Ringtone BUY
Freeze Ringtone BUY
Baby (The-Dream Verse) Ringtone BUY
Control Myself Ringtone BUY
The Boomin' System Ringtone BUY
Jingling Baby Ringtone BUY
Big Ole Butt Ringtone BUY
I Can't Live Without My Radio Ringtone BUY
I Need A Beat (Chorus) Ringtone BUY
Bump This (Lloyd Banks Verse) Ringtone BUY
Rub My Back Ringtone BUY
New York Ringtone BUY
5 Boroughs Ringtone BUY
It's LL And Santana Ringtone BUY
Feel My Heart Beat Ringtone BUY
Hold Up Ringtone BUY
Control Myself (Zuh, Zuh, Zuh) Ringtone BUY
What You Want Ringtone BUY
We Rollin' Ringtone BUY
Favorite Flavor Ringtone BUY
After School Ringtone BUY

About LL Cool J

L.L. Cool J was born James Todd Smith on January 14, 1968, in Bay Shore, Long Island, New York, to James and Ondrea Smith. Todd, as he was called, did not have a very happy childhood. At the age of four, he saw his mother and grandfather shot by his own father. After they recovered from their injuries, his mother began to date a young physical therapist she met while in the hospital. The therapist treated Ondrea kindly, but for years he abused Todd physically and verbally, which resulted in Todd becoming a bully himself. It was during this period that he started wearing hats all the time (one of L.L. Cool J's trademarks is the fact that people never see him without a hat on--until recently). Fortunately, Ondrea finally discovered what this man was doing to her son and left him.

As he grew older, Todd found a way to escape the effects of his abuse and his bullying attitude: hip-hop music. He fell in love with it at the age of nine, and by 11 he was writing lyrics and making his own songs with some DJ equipment his grandfather gave him. At 15, he and one of his best friends came up with his present stage name, L.L. Cool J, which means "Ladies Love Cool James."

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